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Touhou Shinkirou ~ Hopeless Masquerade, the 13.5th game in the Touhou series was announced earlier today!
Fear of constant natural disasters has brought such a pessimistic view to human life in Gensokyo. A foul atmosphere of hopelessness stagnates the future of human success. Are the humans to wither away?
But that’s all to change, with so many religions in Gensokyo, they all want to help the Humans and Youkais alike. But they can’t all help at the same time can they? Well there’s only one traditional way to settle this score. A right ol’ fight. But not your normal danmaku, no a true melee battle of strength.

Using a new, higher quality system, the fight will be brought to you. You will decide who’s faith is the strongest in this punch out tournament of the century!
Play as the Hakurei shrine, fighting off the evil of Gensokyo. Or try your hand as the Moriya shrine, those conspiracists from the Youkai Mountain. But better still, have a go as the Taoists, with their long locked fight against the Buddhists.
Use state of the art sprites in Touhou’s first native 1280×720 game! As this as only just been announced we can await mindblowing material and sneak previews ahead! Stay Tuned!

Hang in there Kogasa-Chan

Everyone’s favourite Tsukumogami’s smile has been warming up Gensokyo in the start of the autumn months. Don’t worry though, she’s a bit of a prankster and she’ll try to give you a harmless shock.
She’s even well known to the children of the Human village. For a Youkai she’s rare by all regards, she doesn’t eat or attack humans. In fact they love her and her vibrant colours. That eggplant-coloured umbrella might have had not been popular in the past, but it sure is now!

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