Kakashi Spirit News – Season 127—28th Nagatsuki

Kakashi Spirit News!

Minoriko & Shizuha Aki Celebrate Another Bountiful Harvest, Farmers Rejoice!

by Hatate Himekaido

It’s already that time of year again, the help of the Aki sisters makes farmers all around Gensokyo rejoice.
With a new supply of food, expect there to be some wonderful banquets to show up in the coming weeks. Hopefully the Hakurei Shrine or the Scarlet Mansion will be hosting some events, but you never know, I heard talk of a long lasting party open to all, down in the former capital of hell. Sure it’s a bit spooky down there, but from what I’ve seen people are incredibly friendly and helpful, so you shouldn’t have much to fear.
But wait! There’s much more to Fall than harvest, make sure to visit Youkai Mountian, it’s rich spectrum of colours will surely be pleasing to the eyes. With yellows to oranges to reds, even the most smallest of bushes come alive with fire during this once in a year event. You could even argue that it rivals the flower viewing season.
Do you have any stories or even poems about autumn? Be sure to write in! I’d love to hear them from my amazing fans!

Golden Easter Egg Man Found!

After a most brutal report from our resident Jiang Shi, Yoshika Miyako, I set upon the task of finding a man made of gold who could summon weapons out of the very air.
After hours of investigation it turned out it wasn’t a man made out of gold, but it was in fact a man wearing lots of gold. I know some people aren’t happy with reporters, but sheesh, was he in a bad mood when I met him.
Firing off his weapons in the first ten seconds, he nearly killed me! You should have seen the destructive power that he had. That was no normal danmaku, those weapons obliterated trees in the blink of an eye! Never before have I seen someone have so many weapons. It would seem it works similar to Yukari’s Gap.
His identity still remains a mystery as I quote “I grant you the honour of my presence yet you can’t recognise me; such ignorance isn’t even worth living”. Quite a feisty one as I then had to spend ten minutes avoiding a flurry of weapons! If anyone knows more, be sure to contact the Kakashi Spirit News!
Though don’t risk yourselves out there, he ripped through tree’s like they were nothing. Fortunately he could never match my superior speed, but there’s very few people as fast as the Tengu.

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