Jiang Shi can fish?

Bobbing up and down out on the misty lake was a small wooden boat, no bigger than your average rowing boat. On board sat Gensokyo’s resident Jiang Shi, Yoshika, who with arms stretched out forwards didn’t quite understand how to row the boat.
It had been drifting for the best past of an hour before anyone had taken notice of her stranded zombie and of all the people to visit her it was an inquisitive fairy.

“Watcha doin’?”

Standing behind Yoshika was a large blue fairy wearing a similar coloured dress. Her childish features only complimented her curiosity as she poked the zombie in the back.
Yoshika tried to turn around to face her visitor, but the boat wobbled so badly she gave up quite quickly.


“Fishing eh? But you don’t even have a fishing rod.”

A fishing rod, in truth Yoshika didn’t know how to fish, all she knew is that it could be done with a boat. Trying to disregard the idea of using another tool she looked over into the lake.

“Here fishes, come here.”

Like a gullible child the fairy hopped into the boat and sat next to Yoshika, looking over as well to see if the fish actually came by calling them. It was at that very amazing moment a small trout launched itself out of the air and landed in the boat. The pair of them were goggle eyed at the event, before Yoshika reached down and picked up the still flapping fish.

“H-how did you do that!? That’s never happened before!”

Yoshika’s face bore a incredible smile as she bit into the fish, it was quite a gory sight but the fairy still stayed near trying to call more fish into the boat. Having finished the fish they sat together for a few more minutes, the fairy who called herself Cirno chatted away constantly while Yoshika stared at the lake for more fish to find their way into the boat. But unfortunately it didn’t seem to happen again.

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