Spirit: Hassan-i Sabbah
Japanese name of spirit: ???·?????
Master: Kotomine Kirei
Alignment: Lawful Evil N. Phantasm: B
Strength: C Agility: A
Mana: C Luck: E
Endurance: D
Class skills:
  Presence Concealment A+
Personal skills:
  Expert of Many Specialisations A+
  Librarian of Stored Knowledge C
Noble Phantasms:
  Zabaniya Anti-Unit B+

Class Skills:

Presence Concealment

It is possible to disappear completely and become almost impossible to be detected. However, efficacy will decrease once preparations to attack are taken.

Personal Skills

Expert of Many Specialisations

A total of 32 different skills ranging from tactics, academia, espionage, assassination, swindling, rhetoric and others can be used with proficiency of Rank B or above. (Assassin achieves this by arbitrary changing between his multiple personalities).

Librarian of Stored Knowledge

With a successful Luck check, it is possible for a clear recall of knowledge from memory, even if the information perceived in the past was not consciously acknowledged at the time.

Noble Phantasms