True Assassin

Spirit: Hassan-i Sabbah
Japanese name of spirit: ハサン・サッバーハ
Master: Matou Zouken
Alignment: Lawful Evil N. Phantasm: C
Strength: B Agility: A
Mana: C Luck: E
Endurance: C
Class skills:
Presence Concealment A+
Personal skills:
Projectile (Daggers) B
Protection From Wind A
Self-Modification C
Noble Phantasms:
Zabaniya Anti-Unit C

True Assasin

Hassan-i Sabbah

Class Skills:

Presence Concealment

It is possible to disappear completely and become almost impossible to be detected. However, efficacy will decrease once preparations to attack are taken.

Personal Skills

Projectile (Daggers)

Thrown projectile weapons are now comparable to bullets.

Protection from Wind

True Assassin’s ability originate from the time when he was alive (mainly used to protect himself from sandstorms and similar events), and this ability once saved him from Saber’s Invisible Air.


Hassan fused the arm of Shaytan with his own right arm thanks to this skill

Noble Phantasms