Spirit: Sasaki Kojirou
Japanese name of spirit: 佐々木 小次郎
Master: Caster
Alignment: Neutral Evil N. Phantasm: ?
Strength: C Agility: A+
Mana: E Luck: A
Endurance: E
Class skills:
Presence Concealment D
Personal skills:
Eye of the Mind (Fake) A
Knowledge of Respect and Harmony B
Vitrification B+
Noble Phantasms:
Tsubame Gaeshi Anti-Unit N/A

Assassin - Sasaki Kojirou

Sasaki Kojirou

Class Skills:

Presence Concealment

Suitable for spying.

Personal Skills

Eye of the Mind (Fake)

Bonus effect of offering resistance against penalties caused by visual obstructions.

Knowledge of Respect and Harmony

Attacks cannot be perceived by the enemy.


By limiting his fighting spirit as a martial artist, one can conceal his presence. (As he is not a true assassin, Kojirou cannot truly make use of the Assassin’s Class Skill Presence Concealment. However, with this ability he is able to simulate its effects to some extent)

Noble Phantasms

Tsubame Gaeshi