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Kakashi Spirit News – Season 127—5th Kannazuki

  TOUHOU 13.5 ANNOUNCED!   Touhou Shinkirou ~ Hopeless Masquerade, the 13.5th game in the Touhou series was announced earlier today! Fear of constant natural disasters has brought such a pessimistic view to human life in Gensokyo. A foul atmosphere of hopelessness stagnates the future of human success. Are the humans to wither away? But […]

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Kakashi Spirit News – Season 127—28th Nagatsuki

Minoriko & Shizuha Aki Celebrate Another Bountiful Harvest, Farmers Rejoice! by Hatate Himekaido It’s already that time of year again, the help of the Aki sisters makes farmers all around Gensokyo rejoice. With a new supply of food, expect there to be some wonderful banquets to show up in the coming weeks. Hopefully the Hakurei […]

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