No One Threatens Seiga!

Yet another day of guarding the mausoleum, it had been long since Toyosatomimi no Miko had been resurrected, but Yoshika’s position had never changed. There was still so many people who could pose a threat to the Taoists who resided there, and Seiga herself wasn’t particularly favoured by many, so much so that many would […]

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Jiang Shi can fish?

Bobbing up and down out on the misty lake was a small wooden boat, no bigger than your average rowing boat. On board sat Gensokyo’s resident Jiang Shi, Yoshika, who with arms stretched out forwards didn’t quite understand how to row the boat. It had been drifting for the best past of an hour before […]

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A life gone by

Standing upright she stud like the perfect statue, hidden beneath the shadows of the graveyard, the warming summer’s breeze gently kissing her skin. The perfect weather by all regards, but she couldn’t feel it, like any reanimated body her senses were dulled, but she still wore a pleasant smile, even if she didn’t realise it. […]

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The Adventures of Rin

The glorious shine of the autumn’s sun, it’s light pierces through the sparse meadow, vibrant flowers of all warming shades danced in the sunlight, faeries swooping in and out in their mischievous play. It was a wonderful day by all regards as a sweet melodic voice sang out with the birds as a red haired […]

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Journey to Gensokyo.

“Gate of——————Babylon.” In an instant the area behind the Hero King light up in a brilliance of golden light. His humoured expression remained constant as he released the treasures of the vault. Twenty, forty, eighty – a swarm of Noble Phantasms deployed from thin air, shining like so many glittering stars. There was no hesitation […]

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Vampire’s Mistake

Someone was standing in the darkness within the basement of the Fuyuki Church, encased by the silence of the night. Shadows lurked at every corner as the half-naked figure of Kotomine Kirei stud at a stone alter, his dark frock laid out before him. The only light that blessed the cold room was six candles, […]

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New Website.

Once again the website has entered yet another phase of design. This time more user friendly and easier to read.

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Touhou Image Searching

Right, it’s come to my attention that a significant amount of the community aren’t sure of how to reverse image search, or are requiring new methods and resources to search websites for images of their favourite character(s). This is a quick guide on how to search, my way. Sites: {My favourite site, it’s all […]

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Enuma Elish

The story of creation of Enuma Elish has been added to the site. There will be a summary shortly. In the mean time thoughts are turned towards making the site easier to navigate.

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Gallian Liberation Front

Hmmmpf, I don’t normally offer my support to anything, but I will on a rare occasion provide it. A small group of “gamers” have joined together to petition for Sega to localise Valkyria Chronicles III to the West. Normally I’d just force them to do so or bribe them, but apparently I’m not allowed to […]

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